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1) Who We Are

TresBizz is a Multinational Company established in 2012 at The Netherlands. With physical offices in The Netherlands, India, Bulgaria and Morocco, we are currently active in 11 countries and we expect that number to keep on growing in the future.

2) What We Do

We offer more than 300 products and services from Microsoft, Xerox, Kaspersky and many other providers, to both Individual Consumers and Corporate Bulk Buyers together with free installation support. Having evolved into an e-commerce platform, our goal is to offer high quality products and services to our customers in a fast and secure way, with the most competitive prices of the market.

3) What We Have Achieved So Far

Thousands of customers from a fast growing number of countries have trusted us already, while working with an increasing number of partners in different markets. We are proud of all the trust that has being placed on us, and we work to maintain it in the future.

4) What We Want To Be In Future

We have experienced a tremendous growth in previous years. With successfully implementing our TresBizz business model (offering high quality products and services at best price in market) and continuously researching for innovations our prime goal is to become market leaders not only as software providers but also by incorporating new products & services.